Friday, February 18

A day with Holli

Today after practice I came to chill with Holli. So far we've gone to Red Robin  ,where I ate my first burger from there, Then we went to Coldstone ,first time there as well, and now we are deciding whether to go see Harry Potter 7 or if Seth will behave and/or sleep. I am still with Holli and she was complaining I don't blog enough so, Here I am :)  AND ,BTW, if any of you guys would like to buy our baby outfit/purse then call Holli and we can order one for you ;)

Saturday, January 29

Insomia !

I have gained a quite diverting case of insomnia and hopefully something good will come of this because I am going to step it up for my wee little blog. That's right, you've got competition. I mean now you will just have to sit at home like a sick loser and spend all your time fidgeting with your blog to try and beat me.It'll be tough, I'm not gonna lie. But anyways tonight is not so bad since its only 11:50 but last night it was 2:30. I mean that isn't to bad, I've stayed up later ;) but that is besides the point.The point is..Well there is no point at all, Really you are being just as lazy and useless as I am by sitting here and listening to me rant about how I just can't seem to sleep so instead I search the internet for amusing things to do. Dude, get a life. Alrighty well as much as I would LOVE to keep typing about nothing, I really should find some more stuff to do so, farewell.

Wednesday, November 10

Sickness :P

Well farp! I'm sick...again! Okay so i haven't really been doing anything interesting with my life so i will tell you this!!!! i have become slightly addicted to youtube...sad i know but i guess that's just how life wants things to happen and I'm going to become a lonely computer nerd/cat lady well actually as misfortune has become a part of my life that will most likely happen :( Crap. well anyways i think I'll wrap this up and hit the hay but first i wanted to tell you plans for the next couple of days so here goes=  Wednesday:Be sick and throw up. Thursday: Go hunting with dad and then go to a party/all nighter. Friday: Got to the mall/movies with Sierra. Saturday: Earn some money by helping Amanda and Monica move the stuff from their apartments to their house. And that is my agenda. So wish me luck as i battle out the Flu :( Night!

Tuesday, October 19

Cross Country .XC. Meet

Like my sisters before me, i am on the cross country team. We had a local meet recently so everyone came to see me run. Mom, Holli, Autumn and Hunter & Wyatt. Got some good pictures from it too..

 wyatt saying "rock on"

Monday, October 18

TAAZ makeovers..

Cassandra had waaaaaaaaay too much fun doing makeovers on this one website.. so here are some of the pictures of me with diff hair..

Monday, August 23

Cassandra my Duckie

So Cassandra has been stuck in Oklahoma with no friends except for Thomas -.- JK thomas but anyways she has had a rough time and i really do miss her :( So i thought i should give her my love to her and make a post about her and put some pics  :) i love you and we miss you!
I miss your wackiness
I miss your smile
I miss your personality
I miss your sense of style
I miss our long car rides together crammed in the backseat of the truck.
      But most of all i miss you.

Saturday, July 31

When Sting-Rays ATTACK!.. jk

         So, Holli and i went to the beach yesterday with holli's sister-in-law and her kids. One of the daughters was close to my age, her name was Riley. She, Holli and i were out in the water swimming and doing backflips in the waves and stuff. I put my foot down into something squishy, i thought it was a jellyfish, then i felt something "bite/stab" me suddenly.
         Riley and Holli helped me out of the water and over to the lifeguard station, where i described it to the lifeguard. He said it was a sting-ray, he'd been stung before too. He gave me a hot-pack, which looked like the gelly ice packs you put in the freezer. Theres beads in it and you squish em and they get all hot. By then it was hurting REALY bad. An older lifeguard came over and explained everything to me and said it would be one of the most painful experiences of my lifetime. He put me in the lifeguard truck and we went over to the headquarters underneath the pier and i had to put my foot in a bucket of hot water. He said the pain would shoot up and down for a couple hours. Meanwhile, some hot lifeguard was doing pushups on the floor..yessss... but anyways.
         Then Holli pulled the car up to take me home. On the ride home, we played snow patrol, our band, holli was having road-rage, and it was still hurting. She gave me Ibuprofen and it started to go down a bit.  I was starting to fall asleep, with Holli stiiill talking and trying to make me feel better, i'm sure i just kept saying "..uh-huh , ya , sure.." When i woke up, Holli had leaned the seat back for me and Tyson came and took me back home.  He was funny on the ride home, teasing me.
         Mom and Dad left me to go out on a date! rude. So i sat on the couch on the computer talking to Cassandra, who was freaking out, not being able to get ahold of me. She was frantically telling me everything she had researched about the stings and was sad she couldnt take care of me like when i hatchet-ed my toe at the family reunion (she fed me berry starburst and M&Ms as i got stitches).
         She said that sting rays have barbs at the tip, and its a protein-based poison which is somewhat deactivated by heat. And it eventually turns to gelly and oozes out of the wound. You have to keep it really clean or it could get infected and people lose limbs from not going to the hospital for infections. She was going crazy. It was sweet. someone loves me..
..picture of the sting on my heel.

Monday, June 21

Birthday photoshoot

For my birthday Cassandra gave me two photo shoots. she straightened my hair and did my makeup and we took looooots of pics. she did a second one that i wanted, with bubbles just for fun.
but here's some pictures of the main one..

2nd bday photoshoot.. bubbles! my bubbles..

this is the funny photoshoot. the second one i got to do. cassandra gave me two for my birthday.
i wore my beatles shirt that i got and new converse. heres the pictures. CLICK to ENLARGE...