Friday, February 18

A day with Holli

Today after practice I came to chill with Holli. So far we've gone to Red Robin  ,where I ate my first burger from there, Then we went to Coldstone ,first time there as well, and now we are deciding whether to go see Harry Potter 7 or if Seth will behave and/or sleep. I am still with Holli and she was complaining I don't blog enough so, Here I am :)  AND ,BTW, if any of you guys would like to buy our baby outfit/purse then call Holli and we can order one for you ;)


Holli Kim said...

lol i was confused at the end and then i remembered we were joking around! Your silly I had fun hanging out with you Kenzie!

Sandi Wells said...

Thanks for hanging with your little sis Holli. I am confused with you comment about buying something? What are you talking about. You don't blog enough. Too much "you twit face". lol